CUPE Local 3902 (Unit 3): Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan

Sessional lecturers holding the rank of Sessional Lecturer I, II or III, Writing Instructors, Other Music Professionals, and Sessional Instructional Assistants who are employed for a minimum period of four months during the academic year and represented under a collective bargaining agreement by CUPE-local 3902 Unit 3,  and are not covered under the University of Toronto Pension plan, are eligible to participate in the Group Retirement Savings Program (GRRSP). This information is defined in detail in your Collective Agreement Article 25.

The GRRSP is administered by Manulife. In order to begin contributing to the plan, Members of CUPE 3902 Unit 3 must enroll by completing the Enrolment form: Participation is voluntary.

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Group Retirement Savings Program (GRRSP) summary

Sessional Lecturers GRRSP Plan Rules


Participation is voluntary

  • Sessional Lecturers who are employed in CUPE Local 2902 Unit 3 holding the rank of SL I, II or III;
  • Writing Instructors, Other Music Professionals;
  • Sessional Instructional Assistants

who are employed in CUPE-local 3902 Unit 3 for a minimum period of four (4) months and not covered by The University of Toronto Pension plan.

Plan Year

The Plan Year runs from September 1 to August 31.

Sessional Lecturer Contributions

  • Sessional Lecturer I & II, Writing Instructors, Other Music Professionals, and Sessional Instructional Assistants :
    • Must contribute 5% of their eligible earnings into the GRRSP through regular payroll deduction.
  • Sessional Lecturer III:
    • Must contribute 6% of their eligible earnings into the GRRSP through regular payroll deduction.


  • Eligible employees who wish to join the University of Toronto Retirement Savings Plan are required to complete the Structured Group RRSP enrolment form to begin payroll contribution.

Enrolment Forms

Complete all information

  • On the front of the Structured Group RRSP Enrolment form;
    • First, complete your personal information such as your name, address, SIN number, etc. It is very important that you also select a beneficiary for your account. If you want help selecting your beneficiary, call Standard Life for guidance;
  • On the reverse side of the, please indicate your investment selection.
    • First, complete the Investor Profile Questionnaire and score yourself;
    • Consider how many years you will be investing before starting to draw a retirement income;
    • Under Option #1 – You may want to select from one of the eighteen specially designed pre-determined investment mixes on the form. The pre-determined mixes have been diversified by fund type and fund manager giving you a diversified yet simple investment selection.
    • Under Option #2 – If you prefer developing your own investment mix, you may indicate your investment choices in the box shown on the lower left hand corner.

Please note: don’t forget to sign and date the front and back of the form. And Return your completed form to: GRRSP – Benefits Administration, Human Resources, 215 Huron Street, Floor 8, Toronto, M5S 1A2

University Contributions

  • The University will match the Sessional Lecturer contribution by providing a contribution of 5% or 6% of your eligible earnings.

In other words, if you contribute 5% or 6% of eligible earnings, the University will match that amount for a combined total of 10% / 12% employee/University contributions being made to your Manulife RRSP account.

Only payroll contributions will be matched by the University.

Definition of Eligible Earnings

  • Eligible earnings includes T4 income

Please note – The total University and Employee contributions into the plan must remain within your permitted annual RRSP contribution limit. These limits are established by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and your personal contribution limit can be found on your most recent CRA “Notice of Assessment” you received after you filed your last tax return. It is your responsibility to make sure the total contribution to your retirement programs does not exceed your contribution limit.


Manulife Financial Security Hotline – The Hotline is staffed exclusively by licensed/salaried Financial Representatives who can help you enrol, help you select an investment mix and assist you with managing your account in the future. Live assistance is available from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday to Friday

Withdrawals/Transfers in and out

  • Members may transfer other RRSP funds into the GRRSP at any time, subject to tax rules and any regulations of the external Provider of the GRRSP, this lump sum transfer will not be eligible for the matching contribution from the University.
  • Members May only withdraw or transfer out assets from the plan after the end of any plan year (August 31st); You may make a withdrawal once per year, between September 1st and September 30th of any given plan year.  Cash withdrawal is considered income in the year you make the withdrawal and would be taxed at your full marginal tax rate.

What if you leave the University?

  • If you leave the University and no longer actively participate in the program, you may continue to maintain your account within the program for up to two years after your last contribution. You can choose to transfer your asset to the Manulife Personal plan or withdraw your asset and transfer to another financial institution, Manulife has other attractive options available which you will have the opportunity to explore.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact the University at or call Standard Life on their Financial Security Hotline, at

1-800-242-1704, Monday to Friday 8:00am to 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

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